Mariana combines different asanas (postures) in a dynamic way, following a sequential structure where each posture is synchronized with the breath to improve fluidity in movements and to benefit not only the body, but also the mind and the spirit. Mariana guides her students through pranayama exercises (breathing techniques) and relaxation, all accessible to beginner or intermediate practitioners.

Mariana seeks to create spaces for self-observation by way of cultivating our body, our mind and our soul to feel healthier and stronger.

Mariana studied Vinyasa and Ashtanga 1st series in Buenos Aires (Argentina) at Valletierra – School of Yoga –

She can also offer private sessions.

Direct contact: +34 686 628 605


Sandra lives in Ibiza, she has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. In October 2017, her passionate nature and continuous search for wellbeing took her to the foothills of the Himalayas to join the Teacher Training Course at “The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre”, where she built a confident and instinctual foundation to teach others.
In her classes, expertise and origin make no difference. You will learn body language through tradicional Hatha Yoga, combining asanas with breathing and relaxing exercises. Her previous experience as a dancer is also incorporated in body consciousness work.
Her goal is to guide you towards knowing your body, finding your inner silence and acquiring a certain degree of discipline in order to fully experience the benefits of yoga.
She speaks Spanish, English and Italian. She’s also available to offer private sessions.

SILVIA – gangaji

Certified by Yoga Alliance
Certified by Yoga Alliance







My name is Silvia, I’m a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and founder of Open Shala Ibiza.

I also collaborate with Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario, in Ibiza, giving  weekly sessions of Pregnancy Yoga.

Among other ongoing collaborations in Ibiza I can mention the Public School in Santa Gertrudis (in the framework of the project “Yoga4Kids, The Peace Warriors” by Suzanne Faith and Larah Davis); the project SOS Yoga Ibiza; my regular sessions at Atzaró Hotel.

I completed my 500 hour Yoga Teacher’s Training Course in Goa, India, in 2017, at Yogalife Goa School (based on the medical Hatha Yoga techniques of Shri Yogendraji, Yoga Institute Mumbai). In 2018 I took my specialization in Pregnancy Yoga by finalizing the Yogaflow Prenatal teachers training course at Sansyoga, Barcelona, Spain. In 2019 I completed the Yoga4Kids teacher’s training course with Suzanne Faith Yoga, Ibiza and the specialization on Energy Alignment with Harmony Hannigan, Nayana Yoga, ibiza.

My personal practice focuses on yoga as a tool to trigger and control creativity, and I’m often integrating this topic into my sessions.

My sessions guiding approach aims to lead students through a progressive and deep assimilation of the classic Hatha Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and meditation practices. The consolidation of the basics is combined with dynamic variations and slow sequences accessible to beginners and intermediate students.

Besides giving precise instructions on breathing and positioning, I especially encourage an intimate and deep observation of the effects on the physical body and its main energetic centers, emphasizing the mental attitude combined to each pose and the benefits on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

I speak Spanish, English, and Italian

I offer private or group sessions.


Sutra 1.3, or how to change the world

tada darstuh svarupe avasthanam – “then the seer dwells in his own nature”

After telling us the purpose of Yoga (to control the fluctuations of the mind) Patanjali explains the reasons. Why would I try not to cling to those voluptuous clouds, lightly surrounding and seducing me at every moment? On the other hand, how many times these same clouds have been able to destabilize me to the point of throwing me into an unexpected storm!

According to these texts, the main reason for learning to control the fluctuations of the mind is that if we do so, then our inner seer establishes in its essence, or in its pure consciousness.

tada. Then, in that moment.

darstuh. The seer, the being, the real personality, the spirit, the soul.

svarupe. The state, the essence, the nature.

avasthanam. Is established, rests, dwells, resides, shines.

To establish oneself in the essence would mean to see clearly who we are, without identifying with our mind. Instead, to identify with everything that surrounds us.

“All our thoughts, as well as external objects, are nothing more than variations of our consciousness. Take away consciousness and nothing exists”. (Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, talks by Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra & Smt. Hansaji, The Yoga Institute).

The Yoga discipline suggests us how we can generate positive effects on our surroundings starting from ourselves, our body, our breathing, our mind. The force acquired by one propagates towards the rest through the energetic fields we are made of. In addition, the closer we are to our essence, the more we are able to offer the best of ourselves to the world, to be more creative and to offer more valuable contributions in any field of action. In other worlds, if we want to change the world we have to start from changing ourselves.

By focusing on our essence we vibrate from the purest energy. In that place we are also fully aware of our talents, and that also helps us to generate something positive around us through our actions.

The multiple meanings of avasthanam (rests, dwells, resides, shines) suggest me the idea of ​​getting home. The most comfortable, peaceful, authentic place is also the place where we are capable to shine.

Worth trying to dispel the clouds and have even a glimpse of this wonder.