About me

My name is Silvia, Ganga Jaya.


Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, energy allignment
Yoga for Pregnancy and post-birth
Gentle Yoga and Yoga for oncologic patients


After my Fine Arts and exhibition coordination degree in Milan and Venice, I worked for 13 years as a project manager in galleries and contemporary art centers between Italy and Spain.

Since 2010, I became more consistent in my Yoga practice.
In 2017 I received my first Yoga teacher’s training course in India.
In 2018 I opened my studio in Ibiza, Open Shala.
In 2019 I moved to Minorca where I currently live and work.

I first trained in India with Pundit Radhesyam Mishra (from the classical lineage of the Yoga Institute of Mumbay, with great emphasis on the teachings of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita).
I’ve been continuing my education in Europe along the last years, with Harmony Hannigan (Nayana Yoga) and Diana Naya (Samyama Yoga) among others.
Tantric practices, the energetic focus of Nayana Yoga and the slow, functional and conscious Vinyasa sequences of Samyama Yoga have been my main inspiration for both my personal practice and my teaching over the last few years.

Since 2020, the options for online training increased and improved considerably, so I was able to access sessions and workshops with some other teachers that I admire, despite the distance. Among them I would like to mention Uma Dinsmore Tuli, whose book and workshops “Yoni Shakti” inspired me to deep dive in a more feminine perspective of Yoga and how we can adapt the practice to our natural cycles.

As a result of this new perspective I was encouraged to investigate through my personal practice and self-study with other great women authors such as Sally Kempton, Linda Sparrowe, Patricia Walden, Gabriella Cella… and I joined a 10 month sadhana with Mahavidya, the 10 aspects of feminine energy or Shakti, guided by my teacher Harmony Hannigan.

I am as passionate about learning as I am about teaching, I consider myself as an eternal student and a good communicator. My personal aspiration is to dedicate most of my life time to the understanding and practice of my Dharma, the service I can give to the world.

I speak Spanish, English and Italian.

MY YOGA STUDIES in details:

2017 – 500 hour Yoga Teacher’s Training Certificate Course, Yogalife Society, Goa, India

2018 – Pregnancy Yoga, Yogaflow Prenatal teachers training course, Sansyoga, Barcelona, Spain.

2019 – Yoga4Kids teacher’s training course, Suzanne Faith Yoga, Ibiza, Spain – and – Energy Alignment with Harmony Hannigan, Nayana Yoga, ibiza, Spain.

2020 Mindful Vinyasa teacher’s training course, Samyama Yoga, Ibiza, Spain.

2020/2021 Nayana Tantra personal training, Mahavidya Yoga Shakti Sadhana, with Harmony Hannigan, Nayana Yoga.



8 Replies to “About me”

  1. Sylvia is a wonderful yoga teacher with a very nice voice, which is important to me, to guide you easily into the guided meditation and the asana’s.
    I had not done any yoga in over 20 years but Sylvia made me connect with yoga again. I always loved her classes and it is such a pity she is leaving Ibiza to go to Menorca.
    Thank you so much for all the private classes that I got from you early mornings with the sun coming up. It was very special and meant a lot to me!!
    Once again, thank you and I will miss you!
    Good luck with everything and I hope to see you again!!!

  2. I enjoyed having pregnancy yoga classes with Silvia. She has a nice and calm energy and gives her lessons with a lot of love and attention. In the lasts months of my pregnancy I went a few times a week to her classes. She was a big support and teached me how to have confidence in my body, how to connect with my baby and preparing me for giving birth. I have known Silvia as a very gentle and professional yoga teacher with a lot of knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth.

  3. Silvia is a true gem and one of best yoga teachers I ever met! We were a group of five with different levels and Silvia managed to adapt her sessions to make them challenging and inspiring for each of us.,Thank you Silvia for these amazing classes!

  4. I had private yoga class with Silvia and did enjoyed her practice, very well structured and full of energy. I practice Iyengar yoga and was very pleased to find with Silvia a great attention to Alignment ! Also she arrived at our place with material to practice and was very concerned with COVID policy . I will call Silvia next Time I am in Menorca!

  5. I have been taking yoga lessons with Silvia for almost two years now and can say that Silvia is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is extremely attentive and pays great attention to body and mind alignment while emphasising the importance of breathing. I had never practiced yoga before and I must say I thoroughly enjoy her lessons and have noticed the improvements greatly.
    I highly recommend yoga with Silvia.

  6. Hi everyone! My praise for Sylvia goes dar. Sylvia always enquires about our physical well being before starting a clase! Then she prroceeds to create an adaption to any particular sequence, if so needed, in a subtle way!
    She is very knowlegable teacher and in her gentle quiet way comands various disciplines with ease and her experience.
    Enjoy your classes with her, she adapts and is not repetative.

  7. My husband and I had a private yoga session with Silvia. First time for us and amazing experience.
    Silvia has managed to make us feel better connected and aligned.
    We’ve been lucky to get to know her and have our first yoga experience in such great conditions…
    We are now seriously considering to practice yoga on regular basis…
    Thank you Silvia, you are amazing!

    1. Hello Agnes, thank you so much for your comment! It was my pleasure to share a practice with you! And it makes me happy that you are considering to start practicing Yoga on a regular basis.
      I hope our paths will cross again!
      Best regards, Silvia -Jaya

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