YOGA ONE TO ONE SESSIONS – Treasures for personal practice

Yoga teachers are not doctors, psychologists, or physical therapists. However the nature of this discipline is holistic, and the best way to work is taking into account the physical, mental and emotional moment of the person, and above all their uniqueness.

A regular and individually designed practice can offer very interesting returns on all layers.

The objective of my private sessions is to build together a personalized and flexible practice plan that you can continue working on by your own:

some Asana sequences, Pranayama exercises and concentration practices that adjust to your time and the intensity that your daily life and your body allow.

Powerful tools to daily cultivate the qualities that you want to awaken or reaffirm in you, through a regular, long-lasting, simple and safe practice.

In the same way, these sessions can be useful for you to consider the purpose that you want to give to your own Yoga practice.

If you want to try a Yoga one to one session with me, contact me! I can guide Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga sessions. We can communicate in Spanish, English or Italian. I live in Ciudadela. 

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