Sonia has practiced Yoga since 2003 in London/India, She resonated with the practice from the first few lessons discovering a sense of wellbeing for the body and mind. She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Therapy to release anxiety and Kriya Yoga taught by her Master SatGuru Gurunath Yogiraj Siddhanah.

The Asanas/Poses combine with the breath can make you feel aligned and One with the Self and the whole of the Universe. Classes with Sonia are focused on the breath and steady Asanas to allow the Students to have a deep experience through being mindful and present in the body, coming from a Kriya Yoga practice Sonia finds the breath in syntony with the movements to be very powerful and a fundamental part of the practice as the Prana unlock channels in the body.

Sonia is also available for private sessions.

Direct contact: +44 7753 164439

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